Island Saver glossary

A-Z glossary book

Bankimal - Bankimals are the different animals that live on the Savvy Islands. They eat specific fruits from the Island, and when they are full, they produce Doubloons for the Bionaut to collect.

Bankipedia – The Bankipedia is the Bionaut’s database of all discovered Bankimals on the Savvy Islands. It tells you useful information about the Bankimals, such as what they eat.

Apex Bankimal – Apex Bankimals are Bankimals that the Bionaut can ride around the Savvy Islands.

Bank Machine – The Bank Machine allows the Bionaut to safely deposit Doubloons into their bank account where it will earn interest and be safe from the Litterbugs.

Bartering (with Kiwi) – The Bionaut can exchange or barter different fruits with Kiwi for certain exotic seeds which are then planted in Grow Plots.

Bionaut – The Bionaut is the game's main character (controlled by the person playing the game) who has been sent to save the Savvy Islands.

Build Bot – The Bionaut can shoot plastic bottles and old cans into the Build Bot to build useful resources such as new recycling bins, Grow Plots and water pumps.

Caretaker Bot – The Caretaker Bot looks after an area of the Savvy Islands once it has been saved by the Bionaut.

Doubloon – Doubloons are the Savvy Islands’ currency – the player collects Doubloons to buy access to new areas of the Savvy Islands, purchase seed and grow fruits for Bankimals to eat. Their Doubloons are also used to pay tax, which helps to develop the Savvy Islands.

Fertiliser Machine – Some seeds need fertiliser to grow. The Fertiliser Machine allows the Bionaut to make fertiliser from ingredients found on the island.

Foreign Exchange Machine – Some of the island’s Bankimals produce foreign currency when they are saved. The Bionut uses the Foreign Exchange Machine to exchange these coins for Doubloons at the market rate.

Grow Plots – Grow Plots are the patches of earth that allow the Bionaut to plant seeds and grow fruit and trees which are fed to Bankimals to lure them out of hiding.

Kiwi – Kiwi is a talking parrot who acts as the Bionaut’s guide throughout Island Saver.

Litterbug – Litterbugs are mischievous bugs that try and sabotage the Bionaut by stealing coins and throwing gloop over parts of the Island that the Bionaut has cleaned.

Mega Bug – The Mega Bug is a giant Litterbug who stomps around and throws gloop over all clean plants and machines.

Nest Eggs – These are collectibles hidden around the island. If the Bionaut collects all Kiwi’s lost Nest Eggs they will get a special badge.

Pigby’s Stall – Pigby is a character in Island Saver who runs a market stall. The Bionaut can sell fruits and seeds to Pigby to earn extra Doubloons.

Savvy Islands – The Savvy Islands are fictional islands that the Bionaut saves by recycling, washing off gloop and feeding the Bankimals.

Tax Builder – The Tax Builder is a special machine that builds bridges using the Tax Tokens earned by the Bionaut through paying tax. These tax bridges allow the Bionaut to reach new areas.

Tax Bot – The Tax Bot takes some of the Doubloons that have been collected by the Bionaut to be reinvested into the Savvy Islands.

Tax Machine – The Tax Machine is where the taxed Doubloons are stored. The Bionaut can collect Tax Tokens from the Tax Machine.

Tax Token – A Tax Token can be collected from the Tax Machine. These are then used to help develop the island, for example by emptying recycling bins and building bridges.

Trash Blaster – The Trash Blaster is the Bionaut’s tool that is used to save the Savvy Islands. For example, it can suck up trash and blast it into recycling bins.

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