Become a debt buster with the Dinosaur Island Saver expansion pack

An exciting adventure involving prehistoric predators awaits you on Dinosaur Island

Welcome to Dinosaur Island

Adventure awaits you on Dinosaur Island, a new level of the Island Saver game featuring all-new challenges as well as lessons in good financial management.

On Dinosaur Island there are 14 different dino bankimals (island creatures) to meet, including the iconic T-Rex. But the dinosaurs are just the beginning: you’ll also meet Newton, a scientist who has fallen into debt while conducting research on the island. Using Newton’s wacky inventions, you’ll help him complete island tasks to work off his debts, collecting rare fossils and meeting other characters – including a Venus debt trap and a flying Pteranodon – as you do so. Amid all this action, Dinosaur Island Saver covers topics including:

• What debt is and how to avoid getting into it
• How being in debt can make you feel
• The consequences debt can have on everyday life

Additional resources

Once you’ve started playing Dinosaur Island Saver, you might also want to explore other MoneySense resources available around these topics, such as:

What things cost – an activity sheet to help children understand everyday expenses
Keeping money safe – an activity sheet that helps to develop safe money habits
Planning and spending – an activity sheet that allows your children to practise making money plans
Feelings about lost or stolen money – an infographic that will help them explore their feelings associated with money

How much does it cost?

While the core Island Saver game is completely free of charge, the Dinosaur Island Saver expansion pack costs £4. NatWest does not make any money whatsoever from the sale of this pack. Instead, net proceeds will be given to the game developers, Stormcloud, and donated to two important charities: Young Money, which provides resources and training to those teaching young people money management skills, and SpecialEffect, which helps enable people with physical disabilities to play video games.

This nominal cost also enables the free game to be available on all major gaming platforms, and simultaneously introduces a real-world money decision at a fixed, pocket-money friendly price point. There are absolutely no in-game purchases, and no hidden costs.

Island Saver: a recap

Island Saver is the world’s first full-size, production-quality video game that teaches 7-12 year olds about money. Studies have shown that games outperform textbooks in helping students learn fact-based subjects, and also improve visual coordination, cognitive speed, and manual dexterity. So, by introducing important money themes such as interest, taxes, loan sharks and debt management, NatWest Island Saver is a fun way to become money savvy. Significantly, research has shown that learning these lessons early in life can dramatically improve your future money management ability.